Product Labelling

The PEFC provides a logo for wood-based products, allowing customers and the general public to make a positive choice for sustainable forest management.

Product labelling

The PEFC Logo is a communication tool that companies can use on their timber, paper and wood-based products to inform their customer base and final consumers about the origin of wood raw material.

The PEFC Logo can be used optionally on or off product (e.g. invoices etc) under license from the PEFC-Council, by those who have a valid forest management certificate or a chain of custody certificate to communicate to customers. Details on PEFC Logo usage are described in PEFC Logo usage v2(PEFC ST 2001:2008)

The PEFC Logo usage license number must be used together with the Logo. PEFC has launched a fully interactive database on the world-wide web where anyone can search and find information on any certificate or logo license number relating to any forest or chain of custody certification in every PEFC-endorsed scheme.

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