Vision, Mission & Goals

A world in which people manage forests sustainably.

To give society confidence that people manage forests sustainably.

Through the endorsement of national certification systems, PEFC motivates and enables people to sustainably manage their forests and works to provide a market for the products of those forests.  
Core Values and Beliefs

•Respect for all forest ownership structures, and the social, cultural,
   environmental and economic values they provide. 
•Respect for the social, infrastructures of forest based communities. 
•Belief in co-operation, openness and transparency. 
•Respect for the tenets of federalism. 
•Belief in free and fair market systems. 
•Belief in multi-stakeholder participation. 
•Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


•Accept when others are right and admit when we are wrong. 
•Build alliances around common causes. 
•Recognise the importance of economic, social and environmental 
•Respect intergovernmental and other international processes. 
•Respect relationships within the PEFC community. 
•Act with honesty and integrity. 
•Provide value for our members.


1. Sustainable Forest Management
•PEFC as an established leader in the continuous growth of certified
   sustainable forest management. 
•Development of realistic standards and policies. 
•Continuous development and improvement. 
•Development of proactive partnerships for the delivery of SFM. 
•Communicate the economic benefits of SFM. 
•Positive contribution towards mitigating the effects of climate 

2. Market Access 
•Substantial growth in the global market for certified products 
   originating from sustainably managed forests.  
•Improvement in the supply chain processes for products from 
   sustainably managed forests. 
•PEFC as a market leader in the supply of certified products. 
•Universal recognition and acceptance of PEFC for the benefit of its 
•Effective communication.

3. Economic Benefit 
•Provide a financial return for the SFM community. 
•Encouraging external funding to the benefit of the SFM community. 
•Provide a cost efficient service for stakeholders.

4. Rural Development
•Contribute to maintaining and strengthening local communities and 
•Provide sustainable employment. 

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