Issue DateSept. 16 2014

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If you are in France and Belgium, you can now see the PEFC logo when you order the new Chicken Mix at Pizza Hut! With the launch of the new PEFC-certified packaging for their brand new chicken range, Pizza Hut, the biggest pizza restaurant chain in the world, is putting the focus on sustainability, highlighting that the cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests.


For Pizza Hut, it was a deliberate choice to place the PEFC logo on the new takeaway packaging: “We feel it is important that our suppliers, such as the printers, are socially responsible. In this way we can give a helping hand to the environment,” explained Chantal Hanot, Marketing Director for Pizza Belgium.


“It is great to see such a progression in the use of the PEFC label on packaging, and therefore the use of material from sustainably managed forests,” said Mieke Vercruijsse, Communication Manager at PEFC Belgium. “When a large chain such as Pizza Hut is a pioneer in this field, we rejoice, and we hope that several other companies will go on to follow their example.”


“As well as the PEFC logo on our Chicken Buckets, we also print all our brochures on PEFC-certified paper,” concluded Ms. Hanot, highlighting the importance of corporate social responsibility to the management of Pizza Hut. “In addition to this, we use heat pumps/boilers, LED lighting and recycle rainwater. The choice of our suppliers is based on their social responsibility.”

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Pizza Hut puts the Focus on Sustainability

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