In order to foster and reserve professional personnel of forest certification and meet the urgent demand for forest certification auditors by existing certification bodies, the 5th training for forest certification auditors was held in Chongqing from October 11 to 17 by the Talent Development and Exchange Centre of the State Forestry Administration(SFA). The training was well attended by about 40 people from forestry departments across different regions.  


Several officials and experts from China Forest Certification Council, Technology and Development Centre of the SFA, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Hebei Agricultural University as well as Heilongjiang Research Institute of Wild Animals gave lectures during the training. The training included: forest certification situation and tasks in China and relevant policies; the interpretation of Forest Certification Rules; competence requirements of forest certification auditors; guideline for forest certification logo usage; standards relevant to forest management, chain of custody, breeding management for commercially-managed precious, rare and endangered wild animals, non-timber forest product certification. All attendees listened earnestly to the training and actively joined discussion. After the training, all of them sat in qualification exam for forest certification auditors organized by China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA).   

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Training for Forest Certification Auditors Held in Chongqing

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