In order to pool wisdom and analyze the current development of China's forest certification and the new situation and tasks and make preparation for formulating the 13th Five Year Plan of forest certification in a scientific way, Mr. Wang Wei, Executive Deputy Director General of the Technology and Development Centre of the State Forestry Administration(SFA) led a team to make an investigation and survey tour to Guangdong for the formulation of the 13th Five Year Plan of forest certification.   


The team held a seminar with the work stuff from the Technology Division of the Guangdong Forestry Department and the Guangdong Academy of Forestry (a pilot unit of forest certification). At first, Ms. Yu Ling, Director of Forest Certification Division of the Technology and Development Centre of the SFA, briefed the purpose and main content of the investigation and survey tour while Mr. Wang Wei highlighted the current development of forest certification in China including certification standard scheme, certification pilot programs, certification market as well as certification rules and pointed out that given the bright prospects of forest certification in forestry management, it should be regarded as a new approach in diversified forestry governance and bring into full play the benefits and roles of forest certification during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Ms. Yu Ling highlighted the situation and outcomes of certification pilot programs during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and noted that due to its superb geographic location around the Pearl River delta, mature processing industry of forest products and brisk trade of forest products, the range of certification pilot programs, the number of certified companies and the market supply of certified forest products should all be further expanded or increased. In addition, making products carrying forest certification labels and logos can surely spread message and concept of sustainable forest management to the whole society, thereby enhancing the awareness of green consumption. Their Guangdong counterparts respectively briefed the development of forest certification and implementation of pilot programs of forest certification in Guangdong and expounded the driving forces and potentials for forestry companies to conduct forest certification.  Through extensive and in-depth exchanges and communications, the team had preliminarily decided on actively steering relevant parties to implement the NTFP certification of tea-oil trees and certification for breeding turtles and tortoises for commercial purpose.            


In order to learn the situation at the grass roots and the development demand of conducting forest certification in Guangdong province, the team went to the Shuntai AgriBreeding Company in Dongguan to learn about the breeding of tortoises, and analyzed the gap between their breeding management system, conditions and operational codes and the Forest Certification in China——Breeding Management of Commercially-Managed Precious, Rare and Endangered Wild Animals (LY/T2279-2014) and relevant solutions to close the existing gap. In addition, they also attended the 1st China (Dongguan) Turtles and Tortoises Trade Fair (2015) to investigate and survey the market demand of conducting certification for turtles and tortoises products.      


The discussion with relevant departments and field trips to companies not only made the team collect the first-hand information regarding forest certification, but also help them to keep a grip on the key fields of the development of forest certification, thereby laying a solid foundation to ensure scientific nature, relevance and transparency of formulating the 13th Five Year Plan of Forest Certification.

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An Investigation and Survey Tour to Guangdong for Formulating the 13th Five Year Plan of Forest Certification

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