Sylva Wood 2016, convened from 27th to 29th June, in Shanghai Mart Expo, as Asia's only wood materials and wood-based panels trade show, bringing together wood producers, processors and traders from over thirty countries such as China, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Gabon, attracted many professional visitors at home and abroad.  


As an exhibitor, PEFC China Initiative attended the tradeshow. Benson Yu, Director of PEFC China Initiative communicated to audiences and visitors the role of the forest certification in promoting sustainable development of the wood industry. Mr. Yu said, " PEFC can provide an assurance that the certified timber and wood materials come from a sustainable and legal source, in turn effectively facilitating sustainable development of international wood industry. After the endorsement by PEFC, the China Forest Certification Council(CFCC) has been making joint efforts to push forward sustainable development of the world's forestry." Through disseminating promotional handouts, engaging in media interview, briefing on forest certification knowledge, we spread the sustainable concept of forest certification to the visitors and stakeholders. And wood suppliers, wood products processors, distributors and marketers showed strong interests toward forest certification. Based on the forest certification scheme standards, the forest certification is a process where an independent third-party organization conducts compliance assessment of forest management units and forest products processing enterprises, and a totally market-oriented behavior, with an objective of promoting sustainable forest management and meanwhile utilizing forest resources in a scientific way and effectively protecting ecological environment.


Along with increasing awareness towards the environmental protection and green industrial development, more and more countries have adopted forest certification as the criteria of public procurement, mandatorily exercised or encouraged green public procurement, given policy support for consumers to opt for certified forest products and set the specific requirements regarding the origin, production, processing and marketing of imported forest products to regulate the import of forest products based on their legality and sustainability. Forest certification has paved green path for the import and export of forest products globally. As a mega-consumer of timber and wood products in the world, in order to promote green consumption and protect forest resources, the relevant departments have been making joint efforts to bring certified forest products into the public procurement catalogue and encourage consumers and customers to buy certified products. Many exhibitors such as Tertu Ltd, Northwest Hardwoods Inc., French Timber Association and Malaysia-based SHINYANG Ltd. have all obtained PEFC certificates. Many insiders attending the tradeshow said that along with the increasing demand on the legal and sustainable provenance of the procured forest products and timber materials, this can be regarded as  a higher requirement for timber suppliers, wood product processors and marketers. The CFCC/PEFC certification can be thought of as an effective approach to solve the legality and sustainability of timber origin and a way to promote sustainable development of international wood industry.   


The tradeshow has created a communication platform across timber material suppliers and wood-based processors and producers, thereby promoting cooperation and exchange of international wood industry.

9th Meeting of China Forest Certification Council Convened in Beijing
5th Meeting of the CFCC Stakeholder Forum Convened in Beijing



Forest Certification Safeguarding International Wood Industry's Sustainable Development

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