Convened in Beijing on 18th April, 2016, the 9th Meeting of the China Forest Certification Council(CFCC) was presided over by Mr. Wang Wei, Executive Deputy Director of the Technology and Development Centre of the State Forestry Administration (SFA) and CFCC Chairperson.



Ms. Yuling, CFCC Secretary General and Director of the Certification Division of the Technology and Development Centre of the State Forestry Administration presented the 2015 CFCC Work Report to CFCC members from the perspectives of technical norms, pilot and demonstration projects, institutional building, international exchange, publicity and popularization and capacity-building. Ms Yu noted that with our joint efforts,2015 witnessed the substantial development of the forest certification in China, with the rapid growth of certified areas, making China recognized for the greatest increase in forest certification by PEFC in 2015 and receiving rave reviews. We also saw the constant increase of the number of certified enterprises and certified products, especially the number of categories and quantities of the non-wood forest products (NWFPs). We have also further fostered the development of forest certification markets with the number of certification bodies extended to 14. In terms of the institutional building, the China Certification and Accreditation Administration(CNCA) and the State Forestry Administration(SFA) promulgated the Forest Certification Regulation in order to regulate and rectify the forest certification market, and the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity AssessmentCNAShas issued the Accreditation Scheme for Certification Bodies Carrying out Forest Certification, which stipulates necessary requirements for the concerned Certification bodies, and the China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA) revised the Registration Rules for Management System Auditors, in which the registration requirement for forest certification auditors is added to standardize and rectify the behaviors and practices of them. In addition, some documents concerning project and fund management of forest certification have been issued.  During the year of 2015, nine sector standards have been promulgated, one national standard has been submitted for approval and two drafts of national standards have been revised, having further consolidated technical safeguard for carrying out forest certification. In the latter part of the meeting, Benson Yu, PEFC China Director, introduced the international condition of forest certification, especially the positive impact of the China Forest Certification Scheme (CFCS) on the international forest certification community in the awake of mutual-endorsement with PEFC. The endorsement between CFCC and PEFC has inspired the neighboring countries such as Japan, India, Vietnam and Korea to actively develop their national forest certification systems respectively. Consequently, it can concluded that the whole process of CFCS, from inception, development through to realization of mutual-endorsement has play an exemplary role in advocating the realization of sustainable forest management for all countries and has made great contribution to the sustainable development of global forestry.     


In accordance with the meeting agenda, the conference deliberated and adopted the decision of the co-option of seven CFCC members inclusive of Chen Peng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the China Green Foundation. And the newly-added members declared that they will fulfill their duty and behave conscientiously to make due contribution to forest certification undertakings in China. As the year of 2016 is the starting year of  implementation of China's 13th Five Year Plan, in light of the new situation of forest certification, Mr. Wang Wei made several arrangements and deployments to the forest certification works from the perspectives of publicity and promotion, institutional pilot, encouraging forestry sectors to preferentially opt for certified products, CoC standard building, rectifying of forest certification market, pushing forward with the certification for forest fire prevention and breeding management of commercially-managed precious, rare and endangered wild animals.  Meanwhile, Mr. Wang Wei made some briefings regarding the connectivity and coordination between The Environment Certification Standard of the Environmental Ministry, the Green Printing Standard of the China Printing Association and CFCS respectively, in order to jointly promote green and sustainable development. And also, together with CNCA and CNAS, the CFCC will carry out joint supervision and inspection so as to standardize and rectify the forest certification market. Mr. Wang Wei expected CFCC members to take advantage of their respective areas of expertise and professional experience to create synergies and further press ahead with the development of the forest certification undertakings in China. 


The CFCC members held active communications and discussion on the relevant topics of  the forest certification, welcomed the newly-added members, and fully affirmed the achievements made by CFCC in 2015 and offered their valuable comments and suggestions towards forest certification in China from different angles. All members pledged to fully utilize their advantages and capabilities to proactively promote the development of forest certification in China.


Over thirties representatives from the State Forestry Administration,  China Green Foundation, Agricultural, Forestry, and Water Conservancy Workers' Union and China Institute of Ecological Economics, China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association, the Survey, Planning, Design Institute of the State Forestry Administration, the Chinese Academy of Forestry,   the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, the General Administration of Forest Industry of Heilongjiang Province, the relevant forestry departments at provincial level, PEFC China Initiative and certified companies attended the meeting.

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9th Meeting of China Forest Certification Council Convened in Beijing

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