On March 15th, 2017, the first session of Tea and Forest Certification Summit was successfully held in Jurong of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu province. Wang Huanliang, Director General of Science and Technology Development Center of State Forestry Administration, Wang Wei, Chairman of China Forest Certification Council(CFCC), Yu baisong, Director of PEFC China Initiative, Cao Fuliang, President of Nanjing Forestry University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Jianyong, Deputy Director of Agricultural Committee of Jiangsu Province, experts from Forest Certification Research Center of State Forestry Administration, persons in charge of tea industry of various provinces and hundreds of entrepreneurs engaged in tea industry have attended the Summit. Yu Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Polytechnic College of Agriculture and Forestry hosted the opening ceremony and Gao Qinghua, Deputy Secretary of Jurong Municipal Committee delivered a welcome speech. In this Summit, six tea brands including Suzhou Dongshan  Dongting(Hill) Biluochun Tea, Jiangsu Jiangning Yuhua Tea, Jiangsu Xitian Yuhua Tea, Jiangsu Famous Quhao Tea of Tea Expo, Jiangsu Jurong Maoshan(Hill) Changqing Tea, Suyi Zhenglv Yangchun Tea have been awarded as "first installment of famous tea brands certified by CFCC", which allow them to carry combined label of CFCC and PEFC.

Cao Fuliang, President of Nanjing Forestry University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Wang Huanliang, Director General of Science and Technology Development Center of State Forestry Administration

As the world largest tea producer, China has registered 2.8 million hectares of tea farms with annual yielding of 2.249 million tons, which ranks first respectively around the world. China is a traditional tea exporter. In 2015, China's exports of tea has reached 0.325 million tons with volume hitting 1.38 billion dollars. China plans to double its tea output and exports by 2020improve tea quality and enhance competitiveness of tea industry, thus making it possible to realize sustainable development.

At the moment, tea industry boasts bright prospect and serves as important economic source for some rural area, especially for financially-challenged area. At the same time, the development of tea industry are challenged by such problems as deficient production capacity, unstable quality, limited enterprise scale and inadequate famous brands. Under the context of economic slowdown and recovery of trade protectionism, our tea export are confronted with more stringent trade barriers.

As a market measure which aims to promote the forestry development through sustainable management concept, forest certification has attracted extensive attention at home and abroad. Forest certification refers to the whole process in which independent third party will examine whether or not forest management institutes and companies engaged in whole process from production, manufacturing to sales has complied with relevant rules in accordance with specific standards and procedures and award them with certificates. The certified products should carrier forest certification label in an effort to demonstrate the source of forest-based materials can be traceable. As food safety increasingly attracts attention around the world, quality food that comes from unpolluted source has been the primary choice for most consumers. Forest certification label delivers to consumers the message that the materials used for production come from sustainably managed forest, which could be deemed environment-friendly and no harm to people's health. Some of developed countries have included products with forest certification into category of government procurement policy or list of public procurement policy. In such case, forest certification label has become a "green pass". Forest certification serves as an effective way to expand forestry market.

After more than 10 years of exploration and practice, China's forest certification has achieved remarkable results. We have set up forest certification scheme with Chinese distinctive features and realized mutual recognition with PEFC in 2014. Since then, the forest products with Chinese forest certification label will be approved by more than 40 countries around the world. Supported by "China's forest certification label", generally considered as "green pass" to international market, a number of non-wood forest products such as Winter Black Bee and Zhanhua Winter Dates has entered the international market.

As a category of Non-wood Forest Products(NWFP), tea certification under Intercropping model of tea-fruit and tea-forest was firstly carried out in Jiangsu province. In 2016, under the guidance of Science and Technology Development Center of State Forestry Administration ,CFCC and other department and with active cooperation between certified entities, Jiangsu Zhiyuan Forest Certification Center spent one year putting Jiangsu Dongting Biluochun Tea,  Nanjing Yuhua Tea, Yizheng luyangchun Tea and Jurong Maoshan(Hill) Changqing Tea on certification process. Combined certification method was adopted this time. There are 45 entities involving in certification. The total certified area of tea farms reached 16991.5 acres and total yielding hit 115.15 tons. Teas newly put into the market in 2017 can carry combined label of CFCC and PEFC.


Tea and forest certification under Intercropping model of tea-forest and tea-fruit delivers  to the general public a notion of sustainable development of forest industry and sustainable forest management; certification has provided multiple choices for companies to enter international market; tea certification is conducive to protection and publicity of famous tea brands and leads companies to develop in an environment-friendly way featured by conservation of resources. This has given impetus to remodeling of China's tea industry.


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The First Session of Tea and Forest Certification Summit Was Successfully Held in Jurong

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